How To Make Your Own Potting Soil For Cheap

The growing medium is one of the most important aspects of growing any kind of plant. Commercially available potting soils are expensive and they are usually not as good as the ones you can make yourself. And its so easy that you will be wondering what was holding you back!

In today’s blog post we will learn how to make your own potting mix. Potting Mis is different from Potting Soil. Potting Mix is a soil-less mix and is very light. It enables strong root growth as plants do not have to struggle growing in this medium. It also provides excellent drainage while retaining water the plants need, for a few days.

What you need:

      1.      Peat Moss OR Coco Coir

     2.      Perlite OR Vermiculite

     3.      Compost

     4.      Manure OR Worm Castings

     5.      Measuring containers – one 2 gallon and one coffee can sized

That’s all!


     1.      Using the 2 gallon tote, add 3 parts of peat moss. You can use coco coir if you desire. Coco coir is usually better than peat moss as it has a neutral PH (Peat Moss is acidic) and is a renewable resource.

     2.      Add 1 (2 gallon portion) of compost

     3.      Now use the coffee can measurement to add 1 coffee can full of perlite

     4.      Add 1 coffee can measurement of manure or worm castings

      5.      Mix all ingredients thoroughly

You now have your own potting mix that is far superior to anything you can commercially get.

Additional amendments:

1.      If you are planting vegetables, add a handful of garden lime per container. It improves soil pH and also adds valuable nutrients in the soil. This is especially helpful for plants like tomatoes and peppers.
      2.      Azomite is a great addition, it replenishes lost nutrients in the soil

To watch the video of making your own potting mix, see this:

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