Saturday, April 9, 2016

How To Grow Guavas - Three Delicious Guava Varieties Reviewed!

Guavas belong to the plant family - Psidium guajava  and are tropical plants which grow great in the tropics, subtropics and Mediterranean climate regions of the world. California is a place where you can easily grow most varieties of guavas. The Mediterranean-like climate and absence of hard freezes during the winters let all gardeners grow delicious tasting guavas!

Guava Tree

Guava Fruit

Guavas can have either pink or white flesh as shown here:

Ruby Red Guava Fruit
White Arabian Guava Fruit

Characteristics of guava plants:

Mexican White Guava:

- 5-6 feet tree
- Heavy producer
- Medium to large fruit
- Mildly sweet, slightly sour
- Hard seeds
- Firm fruit/pulp

Ruby Red Guava:

- 5 feet bushy tree
- Very heavy producer
- Small to medium fruit
- Sweet mild tasting fruits
- Soft red color fruit/pulp
- Soft seeds

White Arabian Guava:

- Big tree, grows up to 15 feet tall
- Medium producer
- Small to medium fruit
- Extremely sweet, excellent flavor
- Soft seeds
- Soft fruit/pulp

Here is a video guide to grow the best guava trees ever!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Ten Gardening Tips Every Gardener Should Know

In today's post, we share our top 10 gardening tips. These tips will not only make your gardening a lot more enjoyable, it will let you grow the most optimal plants! We also make gardening fun for you so we hope you like these tips. Do leave us a comment if you like out tips, we would really appreciate that!

Checking seed viability
Check seed viability

Add beneficial bacteria in your soil
Add beneficial bacteria in your soil

Faster compost!
Faster compost!
So here are the10 tips, ideas and hacks every gardener should know. These gardening tricks might surprise you and help you not only to grow the best plants in your garden, but also save you a lot of money. Here is the set of tips:

1. Beneficial bacteria: Fish emulsion and seaweed fertilizer have a lot of beneficial microbes which can be added to your soil
2. Seed viability: A quick trick to check seed viability without sowing seeds
3. EZ Pot Holes - Never use a drill to punch holes in a container, there is a much easier way to do this!
4. Aspirin - Learn why Aspirin is such a powerhouse!
5. Eggshells - What do they have to do with gardening? And how you can use a BlendTec blender to make eggshell meal out of eggshells
6. Epsom Salt - Why Epsom salt is so beneficial for growing the best tomatoes, peppers and eggplants
7. EZ Trellis - Build a trellis in 5 minutes with minimal materials using this technique
8. Whiter Cauliflowers - How to get the perfect head of cauliflower
9. Isopropyl Alcohol - Discover the magic of rubbing alcohol and its use in the garden
10. Faster composting -  Your scraps and leaves composting too slowly? Check out our tips for the fastest composting process

Want more details? See the video below!

Happy Gardening!