Why every gardener should grow sweet corn in their garden

When it comes to growing vegetables in your garden, its usually the mighty tomato that takes the first spot. Well, that's not surprising. If you have ever bitten into a tender, juicy, home grown tomato, you will know the difference between that and one bought from the supermarket!

How to grow sweet corn in your garden

And what if I told you there is another vegetable that tastes even better when harvested an eaten soon? Yes, that is the Sweet Corn. Due to the way the sugars are present in Sweet Corn, the sweet corn kernels are the most tender and sweet when harvested and slowly turn into starch, diminishing the flavor of the corn.

Corn is broadly classified into three types:
To see more details on how to grow sweet corn in containers and a step--by-step fertilization schedule, check out this video:

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