Curry Leaft Plant (Murraya Koenigii) - From Seed to Tree - The complete guide to growing this spice/herb in your back yard

Murraya Koenigii is an aromatic, spice/herb which you can easily grow in your home garden. A common spice used in Indian dishes, this aromatic herb will add a lot of flavor to your cooking!

Curry Leaf Plant
Curry Leaf Tree

There are several ways to propagate the Curry. The most common method is via seeds. Watch the video below to learn and understand how to grow curry leaf trees from seeds:

Curry Leaf Tree needs to be fertilized during the growing season (Spring thru Fall). This is usually between March and September. Every month, feed a balanced fertilizer or a Nitrogen rich fertilizer to curry leaf plants.

The only insects which attack curry leaf plants are scale insects. They appear on the stems and leaves of the plants as waxy oval deposits. Its easy to get rid of them, just use 91% iso-propyl alcohol which you can buy at any drug store/pharmacy and use a cotton swab, dip it in the alcohol and clean and remove the scales. The scale insects will die when you rub alcohol on them. It also helps clean up the plant.

Hope you liked this post and hope you grow some wonderful, aromatic curry leaf plants in your back yard!

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