Ridge Gourd Luffa or Turai or dodka or patola growing and harvesting

Ridge gourd is a universal favorite! Also known as Chinese Okra, Ridge Gourd is a delicious vegetable you can grow in your backyard! It not only makes a great dish, it also has medicinal qualities.

Here is a video describing how to grow this lovely vegetable in your backyard! It can even be grown in a container.

Luffa are best eaten when small (less than 12 cm) and still green.

Other Names:

Luffa - Multiple languages
mướp hương - Vietnam
Tuppadahirekayi - Karnataka, India
Dodka  - Maharashtra, India
Turai - In Northern India as well as Pakistan
Jhinga or Nenua - Eastern India 
Peerkangai - Tamilnadu, India
Sebot - Manipur, India
Ghiraunla - Nepal
Patola - Philippines
Chinese okra -Canada
Estropajo - Spanish

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