Monday, September 5, 2011

Ladybugs are your friend!

Ladybugs are also known as the gardener's friend. They are voracious eaters of vegetation-destroying pests ike aphids and whiteflies. They can devor hundreds, if not thousands of whitefly larvae and aphids a day.

Here's a beautiful ladybug on a eggplant leaf:

Lady Bird (Lady bug) - Beneficial Insect
Some people buy lady bugs to ensure they build colonies! So if you have lady bugs in your garden, you are very lucky. Lady bugs are the most organic way of doing pest control in your garden.

Beware though, as some beetles look very similar to the lady bug. Check the head of the insect - Black- put her back, Red - you want her dead!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twin Tomatoes

These twins were very interesting to watch. if someone knows the biological (or botanical!) term for this phenomenon, please share it with us!

These came from the Early Girl tomato plant we have. The Early Girl tomato plant is one of the most vigorously growing tomato varieties. They need strong staking and can easily grow to heights of 6 feet.

What's happening in our Southern California vegetable garden in July!

Hello friends!

After moving to the city of Irvine which has a pleasant Zone 9b growing climate, we were excited to start our vegetable growing experience. Here are the highlights of what the garden looks like in July!

1. Watermelons:

The watermelons are growing steadily. I'll have pics of the fruits as they keep getting bigger.

2. Okra:

The okra seeded in June has now grown strong!

3. White pumpkins:

White pumpkins are getting BIG!

4. Tomatoes Galore!

 "Sugary" tomatoes are the highest producers I have ever grown. They taste delicious and are pretty much disease free. I will definitely save some seeds for the next season. These plants grew from last years' seeds!